Learn to drive with our talented team of driving instructors


Gold Driving offer a range of different driving lessons and courses to suit all abilities. All of our instructors are fully qualified and have years of experience teaching learner drivers just like you!

Weekly tuition is still one of the most popular ways to learn to drive and gives you the opportunity to progress at a steady pace, with plenty of time to practice between lessons. We offer multiple hours or single hours which last a complete 60 minutes, with the same instructor on a one-to-one basis. There is also the option of block booking lessons in advance for those of you who like to plan ahead.

Gold Driving Lesson Promise

GoldCar-1_03We know that you will be more relaxed if learning without other pupils in the car, so our training courses always provide personal individual tuition. You will be provided with a log book so both you and your parents are kept fully up-to-date with your progress.

Your lessons will be taken in a modern vehicle, all of which are fully equipped and dual-controlled, however there is the option after initial training to take lessons in your own vehicle. With a door-to-door service as well, what more could you ask for?


There are several ways on how to learn to drive; firstly you must pick whether to learn to drive a manual car or automatic car. Most people chose the manual as there are no limitations to what you can drive after passing your driving test where as if you pass in a automatic you can only drive automatics after your test until you have taken a manual test. Some people choose to go down the automatic route due to the fact they have tried manuals and have found it hard to make progress. Choosing the automatic in these cases can be very productive, also older learners sometimes choose the automatics as older learners can pick up the controls a lot quicker in a automatic. Once you have decided which type of car you wish to drive you need to structure your lessons to suit your needs and budget.


The most common way of learning to drive, we advise pupils to take a 2hour driving lesson each week. You can do 1 hour lessons but this can hold up progress its much more cost effective to do 2 hours lessons due to the fact a instructors can teach in 2 hours the same subjects which would take 3 single hours to complete. We understand that pupils may not be able to afford 2 hrs each week so we will do 1 hr lessons as well one and half hour lessons. If you can get practice at home the weekly lessons are regarded as the best way to learn.


A very good way to learn quickly, This is a course designed to get more lessons in a week heading towards a driving test that is pre booked before the pupil is test standard. Please take note the pupil must be test standard a week before the test date otherwise the instructor reserves the right to cancel the test. These courses can also be more cost effective than intensive courses.


Intensive courses, the quickest way to get your driving license. Many pupils think they want to do intensive courses but when explained what they entail many choose to go down the fast track route. Intensive driving courses are usually spread out over a week or two with multiple lessons taken each day and a driving test at the end of the course. This may sound appealing to some but they are not suitable for everyone, you need to be able to take information in quickly and be prepared to work very hard for every single minute of your lessons, at Gold we will not commit to a intensive driving course until the pupil has been assessed for there suitability to complete one of these courses. This can save the pupil a lot of money, to many pupils start these courses with other company’s only to find out they can’t cope with intensity of the programme. Do also remember that you would of needed to have passed the theory test and to of booked your practical test,  you will need to talk to your instructor who will advise you on how and when to do this.