Gold Start™ under 17s Driver training Programme

Would you like to start driving before you turn 17?

Well you can make your dreams and goals a reality with Gold Driving Academy.

Why not get yourself under way with our under 17s training programme. As long as you can reach the pedals!  Ideally 4ft8in or 1m 42cm. Then let’s get you started.

Many of our course attendees come back on a monthly or quarterly basis but really the times you attend are up to you. The more road miles and experience you have under your belt the better you will be.

Once we get you onto the road at 17 we will be able to spend more time coaching you in defensive driving techniques. Having spent time before you are 17 gaining confidence and developing the correct approach and attitude towards driving in a controlled environment it has proven to take less time to go to test.

Your progress will be monitored in your very own log book which you bring to each training session. This also allows parents or guardians to see how you are developing.

The training Programme

The Training programme is geared around the Highway Code, Driving the Essentials skills, Roadcraft and The Honest Truth an exciting new initiative to develop and reduce the number of young drivers seriously injured or killed on our roads.

Our instructors have been training the under17s for the past 18 years and take pride themselves in delivering a quality assured programme. Your instructor will either be a fully qualified grade 5 and 6 instructor or under the new DVSA marking system grade A or B instructor. Your Instructor will have also signed up to the Honest Truth road safety initiative programme.

Parents – How much do you value your children’s future on the roads of the UK or abroad? The 17- 24 age group are our most vulnerable age group so let’s take time to give them the skills they really do need.

Please don’t settle for less Be SMART and GO FOR GOLD……

Under 17s Enquiry Form

To enquire about driving lessons and courses for under 17s please complete the form below:

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Area for lessons/course

Details of the course/lessosn you would like

Gold Start: – Stage one

What you will achieve on your first session:

  • Vehicle safety checks
  • Cockpit drill
  • Car control skills & clutch control
  • Moving off and stopping
  • Steering Technique
  • Gear changing
  • Progressive braking
  • Hill starts up/down

Gold Start: – Stage Two

What you will achieve on your second session:

  • Approaching junctions and emerging
  • Reversing straight and reverse slalom

You can then look forward to the other stages available, after you have mastered car control first

One to One training

shutterstock_227580454Many of our clients prefer the one to one approach.

However, if you would like to work as a team with your friends you can.
You can then split the cost. Maximum of three clients to a vehicle.

Cost is £45.00 per hour

Birthday parties can be organised just let us know the date and the number of children and we can make sure we have enough vehicles to cater for your needs

Cost for parties is £45.00 per hour per vehicle.

Schools, Colleges, Scout and Guide groups, Boys Brigade and Youth clubs can all be catered for. Many clients opt to use driving as part of their Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Please phone to discuss.

Parents or Guardians are encouraged to sit in the back if possible to see for themselves the new training systems in place!

Please don’t settle for less be SMART and GO FOR GOLD……