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intensiveWith an Intensive Driving Course (sometimes misnamed as a ‘crash driving course’!) you can fit in the lessons in one block to suit you. Many of our customers fit the course around work, or college holidays. Some people find the idea of ‘getting it all over with in one go’ appealing; others need to learn quickly.

What will I need to pass an Intensive Course?

  • Pupils who decide to take a intensive course should have the following qualities
  • Be very determined and hard working.
  • Able to hold their concentration for long periods of time.
  • To be able to take information in quickly.

Before choosing to go ahead with a intensive course the pupil should complete a assessment lesson to see if they are suitable to use this method of learning to drive.

It has been proved that driving lessons longer than 5 hours’ driving a day become ineffective as the pupil reaches a learning plateau and stops assimilating information.
At Gold the Driving Academy, we know that the best results are achieved when driving lessons are for 4 hours every day. The hours you need to pass the course are assessed individually.
For example, the pupil on his assessment might be told by the Gold driving instructor he or she needs 30 hours. He could do the entire course over 6 days (which we know gives a bad pass rate), or they may choose to go over 14 days which produces better results.

Gold offers a course tailor-made for you with the best possible results – there is no ‘one size fits all’ policy. Other schools may find this approach convenient for them, but we put the pupil first. We recommend a two hour assessment with a Gold instructor. The driving instructor decides on the number of hours and how many hours a day is suitable for a particular candidate.

No! The good news is the Course is priced at the same low rate as our weekly lessons. And, an intensive course can be more cost-effective. Many people have taken a seemingly endless stream of driving lessons with no driving test date in view. Our course helps you budget more realistically.

We do get enquiries from 16 year olds. Unfortunately, you can’t take the Theory Test until your 17th birthday. From then there is likely to be a 2 week wait for a test date, perhaps longer, depending on the test centre. You can’t put in for a test anyway until you have passed your Driving Theory Test.

Our advice is: take a 6 week Intensive course, starting off with one lesson a week. When you have passed your Theory Test, you can increase and intensify the number of lessons running up to your Driving Test. The first-time pass rate is extremely high with this strategy and you will soon be able to take to the open road as if you have been driving for years. These courses are what we call fast track also if you are pre 17 you may wish to take a look at our off-road course which can give you a head start.

While not exactly a disadvantage, it must be said that this course does require commitment and a real willingness to pass. If you have an awkward lesson, you get back out on the road the next day – there is not time to ponder on what went wrong during, say, a week’s gap. However, many people find this helpful – rather like getting back on a horse. Our Intensive Driving Courses are designed to be intensive, but not overwhelming. We have found at Gold the driving academy that this method of learning can provide excellent results. If you have any questions email Gold or contact us on the phone and a instructor will be only be to pleased to answer any questions you may have.